Are You Passionate About Your Views or Just Critical?

I get passionate about things and sometimes I write articles or post things that are not always 100% perfectly accurate factually in every way.  And sometimes it is just a passionate view on things based on my research and view of life and/or the subject I’m talking about.  I honestly appreciate those friends, Facebook
or otherwise that have different and educated views.  Maybe I should have put educated in caps.  For example, I have some political views.  Which right off the bat is a bit stupid as I really think that the majority of people in major political positions of either party are idiots.  That said it is possible that some of the actions they take are not completely stupid.

I was reading a comment that one Friend on Facebook posted about some ‘political’ activity and their view on it.  I had a similar view.  Another friend posted something in the comments that was an intelligent rebuttal.  She did not attack the speaker but pointed out something that I had not looked at before that made me look at the overall picture more closely.  Honestly, the whole issue is far to complex for me to bother researching just to ‘know’ and not be able to affect one way or the other but what this pointed out to me was that I did not have all the data and it was not realistic to have a valid ‘opinion’.

There are subjects that I do know enough about to have an ‘view’ on.  And I do write and sometimes pontificate on these subjects.  Occasionally, the way I state things is not correct but the underlying ‘truth’ of the article is still valid.  I recently wrote an article on a subject I was quite passionate about.  There were several comments. One was critical of some minor point.  Well, I thought it was minor anyway(smile).  Another person had a valid question which I answered with a reference which she took to reading as she was willing to look at the ‘other side’ of the argument.  I don’t expect this person to have to change their view of life but I’m excited when someone will take a look at my view.  And I’m even more excited when I’m ‘awake’ enough to step back and take a look at someone else’s view.

And I stress that looking at some information about a subject that you are passionate about that is contrary to what you believe does not mean you have to have to change your mind.

Because someone has a different view on life does not mean they are a bad person. I have friends that have very different views on certain subjects.  We don’t go there.  And as a result we get along just fine.

Oh, if you disagree with the point about my view on most political leaders, it does not mean that you have to disagree with this article. (smile)

– Martin

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