Amsterdam Trip Day 3

Was a very rainy day today  – not tons of pictures. Went to visit some friends, Kurt and Lexie.  Wonderful lunch with Dutch Apple tart for dessert. Yummy.  I need to walk more.  Then a walk through Muiden. About 10 minutes from where we are staying at Yvonne’s cousin’s place.  There was this huge castle called the Muiden Castle(big surprise there) which they began building about 1280 – makes it over 700 years old.  Holland is an amazing place. I learned today how the Dutch used wind powered saw mills to build ships faster than anyone made the Netherlands the most powerful naval force in the world in the 1600s.   Maiden in on the sea.  There are locks here and the pubs near the locks are somewhat famous in the area for sitting and listening to husbands and wives on the boat fighting about where to put the ropes, etc.

Here are a couple of shots from today:

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