Amsterdam Trip Day 11 – some history

martin jones; gwen van kleef

Yesterday we drove through Makkum, about 45 minutes north of Amsterdam.  This is a small sea town where my ancestors – well, basically where my family tree on mum’s side started.  The house below is where the first Kingma lived.  That is the name my great(to the Nth) grandfather lived.  You can see the plaque on the side of the house with his original name and the date: 1767 (Yeah, that’s me at the front door:) This is the great* ancestor of me and sister Gwen Van Kleef.

gwen van kleef

Apparently he was a shipbuilder and paid to have the locks there enlarged so that his ships would fit.  Here is a view of one side of the lock from the house.

Here is a shot of the girls trying to mimic the statues at the harbour: 

Another picturesque little town among hundreds.  Here are some photos of the village and harbour:

The restaurant where we had lunch.  Some in the sun and some in the rain:

The fishing boats:

My sweetie:

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